Report a repair

We understand that from time to time things break down and properties need maintaining. Luckily we’re on hand to help out.

If you’ve got a maintenance issue or repair to report then please click below and you’ll be taken to our online repair reporting system.

Report a repair

Got an emergency?

If you feel that you are experiencing a real emergency out of office hours which you cannot reasonably deal with, or if it cannot wait until office hours resume, then you should contact the office where you will be given details via recorded message on who to contact. The point of contact will then be able to advise you on whether your emergency can be dealt with or wait until normal office hours.

If you smell gas you need to evacuate the property immediately and contact National Grid on 0800 111 999.

For burst pipes, water leaks etc inside the property turn off the stop cock immediately- usually under the sink or behind an easy access panel. If the water is coming from another flat above it is your responsibility to inform the occupiers’ of that property immediately and ask them to take action. Always try and use something to catch dripping or leaking water to prevent further damage to the property.

Unless it’s an absolute emergency that requires immediate action we will not cover the cost of emergency tradespeople.

Whilst a boiler breakdown is irritating, it isn’t classed as an emergency unfortunately and will be dealt with the next working day. If you notify us of a boiler breakdown we will attend within 24 hours- including via our out of hours and Bank Holiday emergency service, although it’s usually a lot quicker than that. If you report through our online repair reporting service however we will try and guide you through getting your boiler up and running.

Please don’t call out emergency plumbers for boiler breakdowns- they are usually very expensive and we won’t cover their costs.

Losing your keys is also irritating but also not an emergency and we will not cover the costs of emergency locksmiths. So please take care of your keys!