Resurgo Spear Testimonials

  • Shen Ramji

    My name is Shen Ramji and the journey before and after Acre is quite a unpredictable one!

    I first met some team members of Acre Properties at a fundraising event held by Resurgo Spear. It was here that they watched me do a public speech. Something I never would have imagined doing in my life…so far. It wasn’t as tough as I imagined and the feedback I received was extraordinary.

    I was told numerous things about why I had not found work yet. Overall, I was still lacking in confidence in myself and didn’t feel strong enough to face the working world that awaits after growing up. The Team at Acre Properties saw right through this and asked if I wanted to join up with them as they saw incredible potential in me.

    I decided to venture forth into this experience offered. This felt like a giant leap and I never would have imagined myself doing this at a younger age.

    At Acre Properties I saw a huge number of things that opened me up to the world and from a deep dark place I saw a great deal of light and slowly started to open up to the world.

    On my first day I was introduced to the entire team. A fantastic team which seemed to run like clockwork - all part of one team, yet all in different fields, working together in the same office.

    Acre Properties seemed like any other ordinary business but behind those doors it is so much more, and the skills I’ve learnt from working alongside the staff have helped me so much in my life now, even two years on. I can’t imagine where I’d be in my life if it wasn’t for this experience.

    On one occasion I helped support a Tough Mudder charity event which the office was taking part in. It was here I saw the Acre Properties team do a harsh army level training course that seemed almost impossible! I saw camaraderie unlike any other before and I can’t put into words how much it helped me take leaps and bounds and extend it into my own working life.

    After leaving Acre I managed to get quite a few work opportunities and although none worked out, Acre’s constant feedback and mentoring kept me driven and motivated. I eventually got myself back up and kept moving on and got my first job. From that, I am where I am now and am looking to progress in a great field I enjoy, and know that I have the entire Acre Properties team to thank for that once in a lifetime experience. One which was game changing!

  • Alaa

    I came to Acre Properties after taking part in the Spear Program where at the end there was a celebration where I was asked to get on stage and make a speech on my development. There after the Managing Director approached me and invited me down to Acre Properties where I was interviewed and then offered a Traineeship with the company which I was very happy about as I had always wanted to get a taste of what is was like working within property.

    I have learnt many things in my time here at Acre, starting with what amazing service means and the efficiency that comes with it and the importance of being proactive to make sure things get done to a correct standard and on time. I have learnt more than I imagined, from being trained in admin, lettings and the accounts team as well as going to and seeing property development/renovation projects.

    These skills have now prepared and developed me to find the confidence within myself as well as expanding my knowledge to go into starting a full time position in property which I have always been interested in and start my career thanks to the help, guidance and mentoring I have had from Acre for this I am thankful.

    My long term goal is to be a Property Developer, so coming along to Development Projects, start to finish from the purchasing stage to being completed to a high standard immaculate home, I find amazing as I don’t think I would have been given this opportunity elsewhere. So you could say I have had a small taster of what I hope to do in my future.

    I found my time working at Acre very comfortable and welcoming as the staff are very friendly here and are always willing to help whenever I needed it. Also watching them dealing and multitasking during busy moments and taking charge to get things done was very nice as I feel it has made me pick up these qualities so I also will be able to handle tasks in a proactive efficient manner.